Modular systems – the construction process and frequently asked questions

Modular construction


The load-bearing structure is made of metal, the welding process of which complies with the CE quality marking, thus guaranteeing the safety of the house and long life span of the structure. The metal frame provides the possibility of moving the house, even after several decades of use. Wooden structures are built in the metal frame and treated to reduce the influence of external factors and to extend the life span of the structures.

Installing of electricity and construction of communications


The modular internal communication systems are already fully provided during the production process. Electrical installation is performed in the factory, by installing finishing items such as sockets and also lighting. Electrical installation is constructed according to a project developed by a certified electrical engineer in accordance with the regulations of the European Union, and for additional safety the electrical wires are installed in corrugated pipes under the finishing materials.
The internal water supply and sewerage solution is also fully installed, including an already fully-equipped bathroom with functional equipment. Before the house is delivered to the customer, water pressure tests and measurements are implemented at the factory, making sure that the construction has been provided in the highest quality.

Exterior finish


Different facade solutions are available. The most popular type of finishing material in the construction of summer houses and residential houses are pine finishing boards that are not planed. But for industrial buildings – profiled metal sheets or aluminium composite material. The customer can choose the type and shades of the exterior finish at his/her own discretion, also observing the rules set forth by the specific city or location regarding the solutions of house facades. By adapting to the specification of various complex projects, it is also possible to provide individual types of design finishing.
Facade solutions, roof constructions, drainage systems and other facade elements are built as part of the standard equipment at the factory; thus, the modular house is delivered to the customer at the stage where it is 100% ready. According to the customer’s wishes it is also possible to construct a terrace and roof overhangs.

Internal finishing and construction of furniture


In the standard set, the modular house is delivered with interior finishing. The most popular types of finishing are wooden finishing boards (painted), painted plasterboard, various wall finishing panels (LKSP, MDF, etc.), but it is also possible to provide individual design solutions. According to the customer’s wishes, it is also possible to order the house without interior finishing, and in such case the interior finishing is performed separately.
The modular house can already be equipped with furniture at the factory – with kitchen equipment, cabinets and shelves. When designing the furniture, we cooperate with both IKEA and carpenters, who are able to implement individual wishes of the customer.

Quality control and technical documentation


When developing the designs of modular houses, VIA-S offers to get acquainted with the technical drawings in order to provide a more accurate idea of the appearance of the house and its compliance with the construction standards. The production process is subject to continuous quality control, as well as we offer to get acquainted with the compliance declarations and certificates of the materials, which approve the high quality of the materials used. By attracting experienced specialists, we also offer our customers the development of the technical design and coordination with the Construction Board, thus committing to perform full cycle project development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of modular houses?

When building a house in the factory, it is possible to effectively manage and to control the construction process, as well as it is possible to eliminate the influence of the external environment and weather conditions on the construction process, which contributes both to the quality of the structures and the materials, as well as to faster implementation times. Prefabricated houses are constructed in the factory 100% ready, building the required communications into the structures, as well as providing the finishing with fully-equipped bathroom and furniture units.

What projects can be implemented in cooperation with VIA-S?

When ensuring the full project execution cycle, special attention is paid to the customer’s idea. We offer the building of prefabricated houses for various needs – starting from simple guard houses and ending with complex multi-storey prefabricated complexes. We work according to the wishes of our customers, implementing both standard and individual solutions for individuals and companies. Cooperation with us provides the opportunity to implement your dream house design in a short period of time, using high-quality building materials with guaranteed safety and long life expectancy of the house!

What are the cooperation steps, when ordering a prefabricated house?

We offer to turn the idea of the customer into a ready-made project, but if the customer already developed a detailed house design and has clearly defined wishes, the design is assessed, calculating the costs. After reaching an agreement with the customer, detailed technical drawings are developed, and when the design is approved, we initiate the production of the house. Full cooperation cycle lasts from 3 to 5 months. The main steps of cooperation are provided below:

What type of foundation is needed to install a prefabricated house?

The construction technology and the structure is designed so that it is possible to place the prefabricated house on pile (point) foundations, the number of which depends on the squaring of the planned house. If the house is intended to be placed somewhere for a short period of time as a temporary structure, it is possible to place it on solid foundation (for example, asphalt, pavement) without special preparation of the foundations.

What is the energy efficiency of prefabricated houses?

The prefabricated houses manufactured by VIA-S are energy efficient and are adapted according to different climatic conditions. After consulting with our specialists, the customer can choose the most suitable house insulation, as well as, when developing the design, it is possible to adjust the construction of the house to specific standards.

How is transportation and installation provided?

Delivery and installation is provided both in Latvia and abroad. The delivery costs are calculated depending on the planned delivery location and complexity. Team of VIA-S provides full cycle service, including the installation and assembly of the house. Installation and assembly of one prefabricated unit may only take a few hours, but the installation of a more complex structure may require several days of work. We also organise working with cranes, regardless of the planned place of delivery.

What are the warranty terms?

We provide customers a 2 year warranty for the materials and equipment used, as well as a 5 year warranty for the construction of the prefabricated unit. If any damage occurs during this period due to our fault, it is eliminated.