General information

Upon visiting the website, of “VIA-S houses”, Ltd., reg. No. 42103080017, legal address Liepu 5, Robežnieki, Grobiņa county, LV-3430, you may be asked to provide information of a personal nature necessary when filling out the contact form in the contact section or when subscribing to the company newsletter.

We want to inform you that the personal data disclosed on the website will be used with the utmost care and respect. “VIA-S houses” Ltd. undertake to observe your right to legal processing and protection of personal data.

This policy determines the physical person data processing policy for this website, and the aim of this privacy and cookie policy is to provide you with information provided for by legislation regarding how your personal data is obtained and processed. “VIA-S houses” Ltd. is the manager of the personal data processing related to this website.


Personal data processing

Personal data processing is carried out in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law and other legislation of the Republic of Latvia. Any information about you is considered to be confidential and shall not be available to third parties. Your personal data will be stored in compliance with European Parliament Regulation 2016/679 and will not be shared with third parties or otherwise abused.


Marketing communication

–  “Contact”. When using the “Contact” section of the website, you have the possibility to state your contact information in the contact form for communication (first and last name, e-mail address and message). By entering this information, you are agreeing to be contacted in order for us to send information on our offer and answer the questions you are interested in.

–  “Subscribe to our newsletter.”  When using the form visible at the bottom of the website to subscribe to the newsletter and/or receive special offers from the company, you will be asked to state your e-mail address, which will be used to notify you of special offers by the company. After entering your e-mail address, you will be asked to confirm your newsletter subscription by sending a confirmation letter to the stated address. The subscription will be active from the moment that the subscription is confirmed following instructions which you will receive in the follow-up e-mail. If it is found that such a confirmation request has been received in your e-mail without you subscribing, we advise you to ignore it and notify the administration of “VIA-S houses” Ltd.


Website tracking codes

Website tracking codes are used on the website to monitor user behavior and analyze this information for business development purposes.



Within the use of the website, data collection is carried out for the user of the website with the use of cookies in order to improve the services offered to the user. Cookies are small text files which a server transmits to your web browser each time you visit a website. They are either saved or declined depending on your personal browser settings.

Saved cookies allow the server to recognize your computer. Upon revisiting the website, they help to avoid repeated entry of data. Cookies improve the website user experience by letting the system recognize its visitors.

We use cookies to help develop our website and make it user-friendly. They help us determine and understand the wishes of our users.

For the best possible user experience and full functionality of the website, we recommend saving cookies. If you do not wish to save cookie files, please change your personal browser settings.


Policy changes

“VIA-S houses” Ltd. is entitled to supplement and amend the provisions of this policy at their discretion by publishing the newest version on the website.