From the idea to the key!


VIA-S houses is a producer of modular houses with 19 years of international experience

VIA-S houses Ltd. is a company with 19 years of experience in the production, sale and lease of mobile modular houses. From the boldest idea for a modular house to a ready-made product – that is our motto and goal. The modular houses we produce are suitable for any climate conditions and seasons. Great attention is paid to energy efficiency, which is a substantial provision in modern construction. The meticulous construction, collection and assembly solutions allow for the modular houses to be set up in winter conditions as well. Our aim is to make the construction process easy for our customers, therefore we offer to make the modular house of your dreams come true from an idea to a turnkey solution. Thanks to a professional team and quality product, the company has gained its reputation as a solid and trustworthy partner in the European market.

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  • Sales of residential modules

    A residential building made out of modules is a contemporary living environment solution for modern people. Construction of such homes from modules relieve customers of long and time-consuming architectural solutions, as well as construction work at the site. The residential module class includes both summer and camping module houses and permanent homes and terraced houses.


    Sales of industrial modules

    The industrial module class includes everything necessary to provide for your business premises, from a simple guardhouse, locker rooms, showers and toilet facilities to office buildings and production facilities and storage spaces of various sizes.


    Central office and factory – Vecā ostmala 10, Liepaja, Latvia