VIA-S houses is a producer of modular houses with 19 years of international experience

VIA-S houses Ltd. is a company with 19 years of experience in the production and sale of mobile modular houses. The modular houses we produce are suitable for any climate conditions and seasons. Great attention is paid to energy efficiency, which is a substantial provision in modern construction. The meticulous construction, collection and assembly solutions allow for the modular houses to be set up in winter conditions as well. Our aim is to make the construction process easy for our customers, therefore we offer to make the modular house of your dreams come true from an idea to a turnkey solution. Thanks to a professional team and quality product, the company has gained its reputation as a solid and trustworthy partner in the European market.

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    Over the years, we have developed and built a new modernised production facility, making our daily work more efficient and productive and improving our production process. As our employees are our greatest asset, it was important to create a factory that makes every stage of production easier, more efficient and safer.
    The new facility allows us to manufacture 10 modular houses at the same time, which significantly speeds up the delivery of the final product to the customer.
    The strategic location of the factory in the centre of Liepaja is an invaluable plus, which ensures fast, convenient and cost-effective transportation of the modules to the port or any other destination.

    Quality of modular houses

    “VIA-S” cooperate with the leading developers of construction materials who guarantee and provide the production site with materials of the highest quality, which is crucial for the production of high-quality module products.
    The load-bearing structures of our products use metal frames, which, along with integrated wooden structures, make for an essential quality advantage and an opportunity to move the house even after several years without losing its quality. The metal frames are produced according to individual dimensions and are CE-certified, which is an important criterion for customers who prefer quality.
    Along with the delivery of the house, a technical documentation passport of the modular house is submitted, including production drawings, declaration of conformity of the materials, certificates, as well as picture documentation of the construction process.
    All produced modular houses are given a 5 year warranty for modular constructions and a 2 year warranty for module equipment and used materials.


    In the fulfillment of the customer’s idea, project implementation includes the following steps:

    • Discussing the idea and possibilities of fulfillment – a chance to visit “VIA-S” production sites and make sure of the quality of the produced modular houses
    • Developing technical drawings and coordination with the customer up to the finishing touches
    • Production process up to a turnkey stage
    • Delivery to customer’s location
    • Installation and assembly

    Delivery and installation of modular houses

    When we undertake a full-cycle process of construction and delivery, the “VIA-S” logistics team organize the delivery in compliance with freight transportation rules of the country and city in question, taking care of both the arrangement of road permits and the delivery of the module houses to the client at the right time and place.

    The installation and assembly of modules is carried out according to internally developed instructions, and due to the fact that the modular houses are already constructed at the production site to a stage of maximum readiness (including equipment and furniture). The duration of the assembly process is as short as possible and it can take as little as a couple of hours to place the house on the prepared foundation.

    The “VIA-S” team

    Company employees are our greatest asset! Thanks to their professionalism, we have been able to grow and develop over the 19 years of our work, expanding the sales of our modular house production in both the Baltic and the Scandinavian market.
    Companies of the “VIA-S” group employ more than 110 professional specialists who take care of the production and delivery of high-quality modular houses.
    By continuously expanding activities and increasing production capacity, the company offers training and work opportunities for students in the production and administrative staff positions, where training is provided to gain professional and practical skills.